Call for junior researchers

This internship starts in September 2020

FreedomLab Thinktank makes sense of ongoing change in technology, culture and (geo)politics. We employ a unique combination of interdisciplinary knowledge and speculative research methods to go beyond common domain-specific analyses. This combination allows us to shed new light on both current and future affairs. With our insights we inform decision makers in private and public organisations as well as the general public. 

Our team consists of interdisciplinary thinkers

We are a think tank based in Amsterdam, a group of young thinkers from diverse disciplines; philosophy, man-machine interaction, economics, political science, as well as innovation science. Although we each have our own specialization, we all share a background in philosophy.

We are part of a larger knowledge ecosystem

We are based at the FreedomLab Campus, an innovation hub that is home to 40 innovative start-ups and organizations in the field of digitization, innovation and creativity. The campus fosters open innovation and co-creation. On a monthly basis, we curate events here on the latest technological developments and today’s pressing societal issues.

In addition, we work with universities on specific research themes, collaborate with other thinktanks and stay updated by field experts, who we invite in our FreedomLab Academy.

We inform decision-makers in business and government

With our knowledge and insights, we inform:

  • Investment company Dasym, an investment firm with an investment philosophy focused on technological innovation and changing consumer behavior. FreedomLab and Dasym are both part of the Rasile Group.
  • Decision makers in the private and public domain
  • The wider public through public events and publications in media

We publish our own weekly newsletter The Macroscope, research reports, books, host different public events (e.g. Future Affairs, scenario sessions, and College Talks) and publish our ideas in newspapers and other media.

Internship FreedomLab Thinktank

As an intern, you are a full member of the think tank. You collaborate with other team members on ongoing research projects, carry out independent research and you participate in the various activities of the team, such as our scenario sessions and internal and external advisory projects.

Who we are looking for

We are always looking for exceptional talents with a broad interest and a creative spirit. We are open to candidates from different fields of study, provided that you are still registered with a university. The most important thing is that you are motivated, you like to be up-to-date and are curious about current affairs and future issues, you like to take your teeth in widely divergent themes and that you can report very well, both orally and in writing.

We are especially interested in talents from the fields of:

  • Philosophy
  • Social sciences (sociology /anthropology)
  • International relations
  • Asian studies
  • Biotechnology
  • Mobility
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Neuro science
  • Sustainability science

Guidance and compensation

Different members of the team will supervise and guide interns. Compensation is in accordance with comparable internship assignments.


Please let us know via!

Wie zijn wij?

FreedomLab is een onderzoeksinstituut waar opkomende technologieën en hun invloed op de samenleving worden onderzocht en geduid. Dit doen we met een denktank en co-work space in hartje Amsterdam.

Freedomlab Thinktank doet onderzoek naar technologische ontwikkelingen, veranderende wereldverhoudingen en de evolutie van gangbare ideeën. Het team bestaat uit denkers met verschillende achtergronden: filosofie, economie, mens-machine interactie, sociale wetenschappen en innovatiestudies. Deze combinatie van perspectieven stelt de denktank in staat om originele ideeën te ontwikkelen over huidige en toekomstige ontwikkelingen. Uniek is de filosofische insteek waarin de onderliggende dynamiek van sociaal culturele bewegingen, hegemonie en het gebruik van technologie bewust worden gemaakt. Hierdoor ontstaan verrassende analyses en positieve toekomstvisies.

Met FreedomLab Campus, een co-work space, brengen we innovatieve professionals uit een breed scala van disciplines, van filosofen en journalisten tot datawetenschappers en engineers, samen om te experimenteren met onze toekomstige samenleving. De Campus biedt creatieve werkplekken en een locatie voor paneldiscussies, evenementen, design sprints, bestuursvergadering of zelfs video-, podcast- en webinar opnames.