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Video: The New World of Designer Crops: How Gentech & Data are Radically Changing our Food

By September 21, 2018 No Comments

CRISPR is hailed by Silicon Valley and Big Food as a revolutionary new tool to alter genes in organisms with a precision never seen before. Sweet lemons, anti-allergic peanuts, frost-resistant potatoes, drought-tolerant corn, and self-curing plants: all kinds of human-designed crops and foods are on the verge of entering our supermarkets and winding up on our plates. Technologists’ and investors’ imaginations are running wild. Recently, the U.S. decided to give the green light to experiments – which is widely expected to lead to an explosion in innovation and investment. What can we win and lose with the CRISPR-technology in the future of our food? And who should take action tomorrow and what should be done? For this edition of Future Affairs, we have asked professor plant physiology Michel Haring (UvA), journalist Wouter van Noort (NRC, 1Vandaag), FreedomLab’s researcher Julia Rijssenbeek and food experimentalist Matthijs Diederiks ( to brainstorm with us about the future of food.