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Trend Labs

In a world that sensationalizes the latest news on a daily basis, it can be challenging to zoom out and visualize an integral image of what humanity is bound for. Through interactive group sessions, our researchers will assess and elucidate which ongoing trends your organization must scrutinize and assimilate in order to thrive in the ever-changing business climate.

Scenario Labs

Modern-day technological and political developments are so consequential that they obsolete ordinary business forecasting. By learning how to integrate multidimensional scenario-based thinking into your decision-making processes, you will better position yourselves to withstand intrusive yet prognosticated events. Just like Trend Labs, Scenario Labs are conducted through interactive group sessions.

Research Reports

The cornerstone to any ambitious undertaking, our assiduously written research reports provide essential in-depth analyses from diverse perspectives. Catering to your specific consultancy needs, we will help you leverage your competence to capitalize on vitally important future opportunities.

Red Teaming

The best offense is a good defense. Remediate your organization’s weak spots by following our researchers’ multidisciplinary expertise. Not only will we tackle the problems at hand, we will also teach you the necessary skills to successfully anticipate impending technological advances, economic policies, and sociopolitical movements.


Gain a deeper understanding of a wide range of topics through engaging talks and familiarize yourselves with the implications of technological disruptions, the rise of non-Western superpowers, and the future of food to name a few. By means of a philosophical lens, our researchers’ lectures convey a fresh and distinctive interpretation of prevailing global developments and trends.