Private office available | 137,1 m2, 20-25 people

Our loft, the ‘Top Floor’ is available for a new company on FreedomLab Campus. The office is 137,1 m2 large, has its own private kitchen, fireplace area, large open office and rooftop terrace. We are looking for an organisation that suits the profile of FreedomLabs community: future-oriented, innovative or creative organisation that is also looking to join a network of people working on the forefront of innovation. With FreedomLab Campus we aim to build a blueprint of the future society.

For more information and price info, please schedule a visit with our community builder and campus developer Eva (

Private office includes:

  • Daily access (<11PM), access with your own key, weekend accessible;
  • Private entrance with an elevator
  • Break-out space;
  • Private kitchen;
  • Use of other community spaces

Service includes:

  • Unlimited (Nespresso) coffee, tea, water, cookies and fruit;
  • WiFi;
  • Cleaning of the space;
  • Printing;
  • Bring in your clients;
  • Keep your stuff on campus in a locker;
  • Use of state-of-the-art technology as 3D printing, laser cutter and VR (HTC 5).

What you can expect from us:

  • Working in a creative, professional and relaxed environment;
  • In a beautiful monumental building next to Artis Zoo;
  • Acces and visibility towards a diverse network of startups, corporates, philosophers, journalists, media companies, governments, NGOs, public-private partnerships working on the impact of technology on society;
  • Knowledge via FreedomLab’s research (like the weekly Technological Filter about significant tech-news) and thematic events like ‘Redefining Identity’, ‘The Future of Conversational Interfaces’ and ‘When Fake becomes the New Normal’.