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Video: GenZ: How digital technology forms the next generation. With prof. Eveline Crone, Wouter van Noort

GenZ: How do emoji’s, Fortnite and the iPhone form the next generation? With professor Eveline Crone (Universiteit Leiden), emoji-expert Lilian Stolk, tech journalist Wouter van Noort (NRC), researcher Alexander van Wijnen (FreedomLab Thinktank) and Emilie Notermans, sharing her experience as GenerationZ.

Last January, 10 million youngsters were dancing in their living room at a party that took place in the virtual world: a live concert by DJ Marshmello, given in Fortnite. If you have never heard of DJ Marshmello, don’t worry, he is especially popular with young people who in their turn probably don’t know who Gloria Estefan is. However, for who thinks Fortnite is a type of video game, or thinks it will be a new type of disco, is unlikely to see that a whole new world is emerging in which ‘today’s youth’ gains most of her formative experiences. A world with new possibilities and rules: the virtual world.

In this video, we discuss the influence of this hyper-technological environment on growing generations. Will this generation gap show characteristics of clichéd nature or will there be a deeper gap between young people experiencing the formative phase in the virtual world and older generations who experienced the formative phase mostly in the physical world?

In Dutch with English subtitles. Credits: Lourens Aalders (, Eva Wubbe (FreedomLab), Jessica van der Schalk (FreedomLab Thinktank).