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Video: Fixing the Internet Marleen Stikker, Valerie Frissen, Wouter van Noort, Arief Ernst Huhn

Speakers: Marleen Stikker (Waag), Valerie Frissen (SIDN Fonds), Arief Ernst Hühn (FreedomLab), Wouter van Noort (NRC)

The perspective on the Internet is rapidly changing from a liberator to an oppressor. Major problems as censorship, the dependence on a few liberal tech giants such as Google and Facebook and the resell of personal data are often attributed to the fact that the Internet is in the hands of a small number of powerful companies. In response, a large wave of projects emerge in an attempt to decentralise the Internet. Crypto currencies and initiates around Blockchain, such as Blockstack, promise a decentralised infrastructure in which users have ownership of their data and where platforms can emerge that remain out of the circle of influence or large corporations.

However, there are potential disadvantages to these developments, for example what to do with decentralised platforms that spread content that calls for violence? And what are the consequences for media and companies that rely on the current structure of the internet? Does this development indeed offer a solution to the current cracks or are there too many pitfalls? In the fifth edition of Future Affairs, we explore possible solutions and pitfalls of an alternative internet. We do this with a panel of experts in the field of internet innovation.

Credits: Lourens Aalders (, Eva Wubbe (FreedomLab), Jessica van der Schalk (FreedomLab)