“Our ideas have been challenged and improved by the creative environment and open minded people. The Campus supports us to think big” (Wevolver). 

In 2014, FreedomLab found the Campus to create a physical environment for crossover innovation. The Campus facilitates interaction between thinking and making, conceptualising and experiencing and speculating and testing.

The Campus serves as a trans-disciplinary meeting point for a wide range of experts and professionals, from philosophers and entrepreneurs to engineers and designers. Some of the domains people working on are for example: visual thinking and entrepreneurship, embodied making and IT, food integrity and blockchain, artificial intelligence and governance, innovation history and changing consumer behaviour, circular economy, smart cities and social innovation.

We offer co-work memberships, a creative environment for sessions or meetings and events and meetups.

Spaces for your meeting or event

The campus has multiple areas for small to mid-sized meetups and events to bring people together. The Head Space (<100 people) is bright and spacious (270 degrees windows and 4.5m high ceilings) and equipped with whiteboards and moveable furniture. Perfect for a diverse range of events: whether it’s a short sit-down, hackaton, presentation or multiple day strategic session. The atmospheric, high-end Top Floor has its own kitchen, fireplace and rooftop terrace (<50 people). Central Perk is a playful, low key cafe where you can enjoy a beer and lunch, play early-day games like Arcade and organize meetups (<40 people).

The campus’ meeting rooms are designed to provoke your best ideas and strategic sessions. Our 1840 boardroom (War Room) is designed as a blend of history and modernity and equipped with 11m2 whiteboards (<10 pax). The Lounge area – overlooking Artis Zoo – is equipped with two sofas for an informal and relaxed coffee or team meeting (<6 pax). The Top Floor is designed as your private apartment: it has a rooftop terrace, lounge area, fireplace, kitchen, large TV screen and meeting table and the ability for video conference calls. As a meeting space, it is suitable for 10 people. As an event space, it is suitable for up to 50 people.

Co-work memberships

Are you addicted to the dynamics of innovation and change? Would you like to work in a creative environment?

Join us at FreedomLab Campus!

Our co-work spaces are bright and spacious, designed to freely float around or dive deep into your work. We took into account the effect of redesigning the space: all furniture moves around. It’s up to you to sit, stand, work in a team or individually. Whatever suits your mood and project at that specific moment in time.

Co-work membership at FreedomLab Campus is:

  • Membership of the FreedomLab Community: a trans-disciplinary community of experts and professionals working on technology, innovation and creativity.
  • Work in a creative environment: our campus is specifically designed to activate creativity;
  • Meetups & events: Free entrance to our expert talks as ’Redefining Identity’, ‘Blockchain 101’;
  • Monthly community events.

Keep FreedomLab free of additional costs: you don’t pay extra for your coffee or mail.

Membership is inclusive of: 

  • Unlimited coffee, tea, water, fruit and cookies;
  • Bring in your clients;
  • Work from the garden;
  • Keep your stuff in a locker;
  • Use of print;
  • Drinks on Thursdays and Fridays;
  • Use of state-of-the-art technology as 3D printing, laser cutter and VR.

Part-time membership
3 days per week flexible working spots (between 9 AM – 6 PM)

  • EUR 275 per seat/per month
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Full-time membership
Daily 24/7 access (<11PM), access with your own key, weekend accessible

  • Flexible desk: EUR 375 per seat/per month
  • Fixed desk: EUR 450 per seat/per month
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Corporate membership
Seats-to-share in company (≥ 3 seats, flexible and part-time or full-time)

  • On request
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