FreedomLab is a think tank that provides consultancy services concerning the future of technology, economics, politics, and society to clients ranging from Dutch ministries to banks, and energy providers to insurance companies. They are all united in that they wish to be ahead of the curve and confidently navigate the ever-changing and increasingly complicated business world.

We are comprised of seven in-house researchers, each with a different academic background, and work closely together with our fellow researchers at sister company Dasym. Jointly, our team members hold Doctors of Philosophy and postgraduate degrees in economics, philosophy, innovation studies, human-computer interaction, food studies, biotechnology, finance, history of international relations, and communication sciences.

Our research methods include scientific, philosophical, and strategic management analyses, scenario methods, and interviews with field experts. Through careful application of these methods, we are qualified to offer both interactive and customary consultancy services: Trend Labs, Scenario Labs, research reports, red teaming, and lectures. If you would like to learn more about our services, please visit our services webpage or contact us directly.

Our network consists of arch tech company UNSense (founded by UNStudio), universities, governmental institutions, journalists, investors, entrepreneurs, and companies in technology, media, telecommunications and consumer goods and services. On this account, FreedomLab is perfectly positioned to be in the vanguard of innovation by adeptly employing the Quadruple Innovation Helix Framework, where multilateral dynamics between universities, the government, the private sector and the public lead to the most constructive, refined and sustainable ideas and insights.

Rasile Group

Rasile Group runs a number of successful enterprises through its wholly owned companies Dasym and FreedomLab. Dasym is active in the field of investments while FreedomLab focuses on technology and innovation. The close and fruitful collaboration between the two leads to astute investments and, consequently, high value for its investors, clients, and other stakeholders. Hence, Rasile Group is named after the Latin word rasilis, meaning polished through friction. Shoulder to shoulder, Dasym and FreedomLab form a unique combination of commercial clout and transformative creativity.

Rasile Group


Dasym is an independent, research-driven investment company headquartered in Naarden, the Netherlands with additional offices in Los Angeles and Shanghai. They offer a wide range of investment services and have a strong track record of running business projects in TMT (technology, media, and telecommunications), the entertainment industry, and other consumer-related sectors. FreedomLab actively contributes to the success of Dasym’s investment strategies by providing detailed, predictive assessments of long-term developments like technological innovations, hegemonic shifts, and sociocultural changes.


Meet Our Team

Arief Hühn
Head of FreedomLab

Sjoerd Bakker
Senior Researcher & Strategist

Jessica van der Schalk
Researcher & Strategist

Margreet Liefting
Operations Manager

Pim Korsten
Researcher & Strategist

Julia Rijssenbeek
Researcher & Strategist

Alexander van Wijnen
Researcher & Strategist

Sebastiaan Crul
Researcher & Strategist

Esmée van Dam
Graphic Designer

Joep Schot

Meet Our Applied Research Team

Laura van der Ham
Head of Applied Research

Petra Berendrecht

Inge Lubbersen

Roosmarie Stavenuiter