The Resilient World
The Post-Corona Age in Four Scenarios

It's uncertain what the world will look like after corona. To provide some means of orientation, the think tank has explored four scenarios. Surrounding this scenario exercise, we are publishing a report and organizing a livestream event and virtual exploration sessions. Furthermore, we publish exciting ideas about a post-corona world every two weeks.


FreedomLab Thinktank has evolved into a group of young thinkers with diverse backgrounds: philosophy, economics, man-machine interaction, social science and innovation studies. This combination of perspectives allows Freedomlab to shed new light on both current and future affairs.


In 2014 FreedomLab established the FreedomLab Campus in the center of Amsterdam. The campus, home to almost 100 years of change, serves as a meeting point for a wide range of experts and professionals.



FreedomLab started in 2000 as a Future Studies thinktank, therefore conducting research into emerging technologies, and the possibilities to creatively apply these technologies.

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