Enable the future. Master the skills, methods & strategies to facilitate innovation


New technologies have a tremendous impact on the lives of consumers. Organisations will have to understand these changes to anticipate their future. How can you help your organisation to formulate a shared vision, strategy and new services in the light of emerging technologies and changing consumers? In an intensive 5-day course you will develop the skills to anticipate the future and learn to apply proven methods and strategies to facilitate innovation.

Summer School and Winter School
In our Schools, you’ll learn how to signal and analyse the technological and societal change that will impact your organisation in the near future. Inspired by FreedomLab’s future studies and guided by renowned experts and facilitators you will develop insights and competencies. Furthermore you will get access to a set of models, tools and methods that will help you to facilitate change and develop strategy for your own organisation.

Key take-aways

  • State-of-the-art insights on major technological developments and drivers for change in the upcoming fifteen years;
  • Access to the FreedomLab’s future studies;
  • Radical new perspectives on your organisation and markets;
  • Creative skills, models and tools to help you to develop strategy and facilitate innovation;
  • Futures thinking, scenario based reasoning, change design, design thinking & concepting, appreciative inquiry, visual thinking and prototyping;
  • Extensive manual, and follow-up coaching;
  • Membership to our Community of Practice, a dedicated network of key innovators and creatives;
  • Regular Intervision meet-ups and Masterclasses.

Learn by doing, and understand by sharing 


1: Anticipating your future
Based on FreedomLab’s ongoing future studies, we will dive into horizons of new tomorrows to broaden your perspective on the world today. You will investigate how people respond to upcoming technological changes.

2: Redefining your present
This module helps you to develop a reasoned perspective on upcoming changes. With our Scenario Based Reasoning-method we will enable you to spot opportunities and help you to set a course to enable the future.

3: Design for engagement
Understanding the perspective of the consumer of tomorrow is crucial for creating a future proof vision and strategy. By applying various methods and tools we will help you to discover how technology impacts the problems consumers are dealing with, and how to design for engagement to create this impact.

4: Visualising your concepts
On the fourth day you will test your assumptions through creative action research. You will develop ideas, translate them into concepts and learn how to visually represent these concepts so that they can be understood by others. You will get familiar with the basics of visual thinking.

5: Gearing up for impact
Using the proven Hoshin Kanri method we enable you to translate your future scenario and ideas into a strategy and tangible tactics and action.


The various methods will be applied to a theme chosen by the participants. We will develop innovative case studies around this theme. This is the starting point for reflection and translation to the challenges in your own organisation.


A team of facilitators and experts from FreedomLab and Jam Visual Thinking will share their knowlegde and expertise, and challenge your thinking. Jörgen van der Sloot (futures thinking),Yvette Pasman (collaboration methods), Jeroen van Mastrigt (design thinking), Roland van der Vorst (strategy) and Herman Weeda (visual storytelling) will guide you through the program.


Summer School: 26th June – 30th June 2017
Winter School: 27th November – 1st December 2017

Professionals from any industry with a focus on innovation policy & strategy and/or service & organisation design.

We offer this 5 day program (fully catered), course materials and an extensive social program (opening dinner, daily meditation, two bootcamps and celebration drinks) for 4.000 euro ex VAT.

Interested to participate? We will schedule a personal intake with you. Please contact Jörgen van der Sloot for more information on the program or to set up a meeting, jorgen@freedomlab.org or 06 50 43 82 55.

Sebastian (De Nederlandsche Bank) about Futures thinking

“The tools and methods help to structure your thinking on the impact of technological changes on the daily lives of consumers” 

Ingrid (Koninklijke Vezet) about Scenario Based Reasoning

“We explored our futures, defined the possibilities in that future and addressed the impact on our organisations”

Marijn (Meijs & Maas publishing) about
Visual Thinking

“By making your thoughts explicit, through Visual Thinking, you can improve your internal communication as a starting point for change.”

Heerd Jan (Economic Board Utrecht) about design for engagement

“After this week, you are on a different track!”