Interview with co-founder of FreedomLab Jorgen van der Sloot on the whys and what’s of the FreedomLab Winter and Summer School.
View the video report of our last Winter School here and feel free to reach out to Jörgen to further talk about these topics via

“One of the things organisations are starting to realise is that if they want to change: it’s the people that need to change. They then need a new way of thinking, a new perspective on how to view the world and approach change. This requires completely different tools and competencies than those needed in our old economies say ten to fifteen years ago. And that is the challenge: employees have grown accustomed to the way they have always done things. Why would we change if everything is currently going fine the way it is?

Yet, organisations are starting to realise the world is fundamentally changing. A pioneering idea or a future-proof vision is not sufficient to stay ahead of the game. To truly change the organisation, the organisation needs to redefine themselves. This entails a change in the people that make the organisation. People need to develop the skills to enable themselves to find peace in the continuous noise of technological innovation and fast-paced changing environment. People need to develop the competencies to make technological change their friend, not their enemy”.

What does one learn in the program of the Winter- or Summer School?

“In these five days, you will experience moments of complete confusion up to a point where things start to relate to the bigger picture. We aim to diverge before you converge to help you imagine an extremely unlikely scenario. After the program, you will have a new perspective on change, how technological innovation is changing the world and what this means for your organisation. While this is already of great use, this is not alone enough to facilitate lasting change in the organisation. You also need all people to be engaged and on board for change. And while you could ask the whole organisation to join you in the Winter School, we believe that change can already be put in motion by a small group of pioneers. Therefore, we provide these pioneers with the tools to constructively talk about- and facilitate change with their coworkers. We enable to pinpoint the opportunities that change has to offer. So, attendees will bring back the tools that facilitate change into organisation and start to pioneer the process of change to build a future-proof organisation”.

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