26.10.2016 // past event

Not too long ago, branding showed characteristics of a militaristic discipline: it forced designers into a conceptual strait jacket. New technologies have given the designer unprecedented flexibility and changed the discipline of branding fundamentally. The role of branding is now changing, becoming one which provides designs with a sense of identity that is more fluid and surprising.  The question is: what does branding look like in an age of fluidity?

During his inaugural lecture at the Technical University of Delft, our Managing Director Professor dr. Roland van der Vorst presented his perspective on the changing role of branding and a framework to understand the identity and role of organizations in an age of fluidity.

Watch his inaugural lecture online. If the video does not start at 1:59:36 please scroll down to 1:59:36 to start at Roland’s part.
Interested in our research on the meandering meaning of branding in light of technological change? Contact Roland at roland@freedomlab.org

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