The recent upheavals around data abuse by online platforms (e.g. Facebook) and the upcoming European GDPR regulation, have increased our awareness that we should be more cautious with the information we produce and share online. This while the volume of data is expected to balloon (e.g., connected devices, 5G mobile network technology), data is becoming more intimate (e.g., wearables), and privacy policies are still lengthy and time-consuming to read. How could we redesign the Internet so that it ensures a data-driven economy which respects privacy, fairness, and sovereignty? 

Future Scenario Exploration
Following the upcoming European GDPR regulation and the recent popularity of decentralized solutions to ‘fix the Internet’, we are going to critically examine a scenario in which citizens regain control over their data while embracing a safe and reliable data-driven economy. Watch design researcher Julia Janssen talk about the scenario in innovation program TopNames.


Fixing the Internet / data as a currency / decentralized internet / sensitive data / consumer friendly online solutions / cyberspace / privacy by design / data-driven services / 5G / fremium privacy / Vendor Relationship Management / data marketplace / decentralize all the things.

Program (4-6 PM)

  • Introduction & moderation: The horizon of Future Scenarios beyond GDPR
    By Arief Huhn
  • Exploring a Future Scenario: Data as a Currency, Privacy as a Commodity
    Presentation by Julia Janssen & Hans Bouwknegt
  • Critical Reflection on the Scenario
    By Menno Weij (partner Solv lawyers) & Willem Ernst Herter (co-founder Pacmed, machine learning in healthcare)
  • Network drinks
Arief Huhn – Researcher / Strategist FreedomLab
Fields of expertise: human-computer interaction, pervasive applications, digital strategy, philosophy of technology, internet culture. Holds a Phd. in Human-Computer Interaction at the University of Technology in Eindhoven. Current research: user interfaces and technology stack (AI, data, middleware, platforms and infrastructure).

Julia Janssen – Design Researcher
Design Researcher, graphic designer (ArtEZ 2016) and lecturer. Focuses on alternative currencies, new economic systems and the impact of digitalization. Won the Crypto Design Award (2016) and is funded by Creative Industries and SIDN.

Hans Bouwknegt – Digital and data expert
Digital and data strategy advisor to the board of Talpa, Research Affiliate of the Augmented Environments Lab Georgia Institute of Technologies (Atlanta USA). Bouwknegt holds a Phd. in digital media studies.
Willem Ernst Herter – Founder Pacmed
Founder of Pacmed, background in theoretical physics, National Thinktank (THNK, McKinsey, 2014). Pacmed uses Machine Learning to develop personalized decision-making support systems for doctors based on large amounts anonymous patient records.
Menno Weij – Partner Solv, VraagHugo
Partner at SOLV, co-founder VraagHugo, co-leading the privacy practice. As a lawyer specialized in technology, from protection to exploitation. Holds a board position in NVVIR (Dutch association for information technology and law). Spokesperson, columnist and editor for a diverse range of media (i.a. BNR Radio).
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