Explaining the morning practice

We are seeking to research, adapt and improve the way we work – both as a project group, in the Lab, and as individuals. Since we try to learn by doing, we have developed a morning practice, which we enter into every morning.

We are exploring, learning and improving the functional requirements of ‘work’ separately from work itself. In this way we prepare ourselves for the day, and aspire to get better at these ‘fundamentals’ (as we call them): we also come to appreciate that these skills are required in both work and non-work circumstances.

We have a developed a set of base principles, which grows over time. These are: discipline; relaxation; self-regulation (the ability to manage the self optimally; situational awareness; alertness and focus, presence; engagement with others; trust; teamwork, leadership, motivation, and improvisation (or ’making something together). Our approach is to focus on what others in the group need in order to achieve: by focussing not on ourselves but what the group needs in order to perform optimally, we establish a convention of responsibility for the outcome of the team.

We also address one of the primary requirements for optimal creativity, which is the creation of a positive working environment. Through an evolving set of tasks, challenges and games we first experience these base principles, and then share our learnings from the tasks with the group so that we coach each other to succeed and finally we unpack the learnings and apply them to our work experience.

Please feel free to join us every morning 9:30 to 10:30 AM @ FreedomLab Campus (Plantage Middenlaan 62).
Wear some comfortable clothes, you’ll be meditating for a bit.