Living Lab | Project Media Mile

In collaboration with the municipality of Hilversum, we ran the process of the Living Lab with a real-life problem, in a multi-stakeholder process and pressure cooker of 2 weeks. The question of the project was how to empower future media companies to explore and create content experiences for a network of digital podia in the city. The creative process of the Lab led us to an infrastructure for content of the past and the future, on carriers of the past and future. Our client shares his experience of participating in the Lab below.

Media Mile: from idea to concrete concept @ FreedomLab

This short piece is about my experience as the participating client at the Living Lab. ‘Client’, because I am the project leader of the Media Mile project at the municipality of Hilversum. ‘Participating’, because I fully joined the creative problem solving team in the Living Lab.

It was a challenge to create a concept and executional plan for the idea of the ‘Media Mile’ – a route through Hilversum City telling media stories. Specifically, because we only had 2 weeks before delivery of the assignment and the adoption of the plan. Adoption is one of the aspects of the Living Lab: no innovation without adoption of the creative solution by the core stakeholders.

Although it was a challenging assignment, the conditions for success in the Lab were great. One of the significant elements was that it was a multi-stakeholder process. Multiple creatives of four of the most important stakeholders participated in the project in the Lab. These diverse perspectives and interests led to increased quality of output and a fluent process of adoption.

My role in the creative process was to provide and guard the governmental context and public requirements. The diversity in the group (in terms of backgrounds, expertise, functions and organisations) created substantial creative thinking power and resulted in a concept with enough traction for eventual realisation in the public space in the city of Hilversum.

The outcome of the project was a flexible digital route, which can provide an interesting podium for the many (young) media creative professionals in Hilversum. It also fits perfectly into the local governments vision and plans for the branding of the city as ‘the storytelling factory’ of the Netherlands. In other words, the Media Mile concept combines an environment for creativity with realistic possibilities.

That is a big step from the vague and big idea that the Media Mile was at the start of our process. We now not only have a strong concept, but also something we, as a city, can move forward with.

Living Lab, I thank you for that!

A satisfied ‘participating client’,