26.01.2017 // 4 – 6:30 PM @ FreedomLab Campus

HRTech #4 theme: Dealing with Change; A massive wave of transformation is rippling through business and society right now.  

In its scale, scope, and complexity the change is unlike anything humankind has experienced before.

Organizations are struggling with this accelerating pace. There is no hiding anymore. All business and operating models are under siege.  The shit has already hit the fan of your organization or it will for sure in the near future.

The question is; How to stay ahead of this new game?

Tap into the collective Intelligence of our community and learn how others are dealing with change. What is the best organizational response? What is the new role of HR? How to use HR tech? And what can you do tomorrow?


16:15 –  Opening

16:20 –  What is happening out there (Elfried Klarenbeek cofounder Harver)

16:30 – Keynote: innovation & adaptation (Prof. ir. Deborah.N. Nas, Professor of Strategic design for technology-based innovation. TU Delft & co-founder Sunidee.

16:50 – Introduction parallel deep dives & discussionin Break Out sessions

(30 sec pitches of each discussion leader) Choose out of min. 6 parallel discussions by e.g. Deborah Nas, Heleen Goet (ABN), Raimo van der Klein (Teamily) and MAYBE YOU?

@Let us know if you want to lead a break out session that fits the theme!

Break out session 1

17:00- 17:35

Break out session 2

17:40 – 18:15

18:15 –  Feedback, Closing

Drinks! Sponsored by Workday (THANK YOU WORKDAY!!)

Look forward meeting you. Please check your RSVP!

The HRTech NL meetup team. Steffen,Marine, Maarten, Elfried & Wendy

Thank you Freedomlab for helping with your awesome location!

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