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Esports: Building a new line of journalism

Esports, short for electronic sports and referring to competitive digital gaming, is booming. The market has grown to 1.1 billion in revenue in 2019. Ward Geene, esports entrepreneur and content creator, is on a mission to create an information source about esports for everyone that wants to publish about the subject. He has been experimenting with content about esports for ten years but sees that finding comprehensive and trustworthy sources of information about esports can be a challenge. ‘People who know everything about one game, such as League of Legends, don’t necessarily have the skills to create quality content for another game, such as Fortnite, let alone for multiple games. There is no content platform with basic knowledge about esports’.

In this Salon, we’re going to discuss information and content distribution about a subject without a clearly defined structure. Ward, founder of the Esports Club, will share his perspective on what basic building blocks are missing in the information chain and why this is especially problematic for the subject esports.

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Date Wednesday 04-09-2019
Time 12:00 – 13:30
Tickets Free
€5,60 for lunch
Available spots 20
Participate email
Adress FreedomLab Campus
Plantage Middenlaan 62

Speaker: Ward Geene (founder Esports Club, game journalist)

Ward Geene is a well-known media personality in gaming and esports. He started his career as a game journalist at Power Unlimited, IGN Benelux and Radio 538. He was the first among his peers to embrace esports, and has been experimenting with creating esports content for ten years. He wants to push the information distribution and quality of content on the subject to the next level.

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