Embedding Technopolis: Turning Modernity into a Home
FreedomLab College Talk – Friday October 6, from 4 to 6:30 PM
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The global village is over. From Trump to Modi, Erdogan and Putin, local traditions are recalled. What is the role of tradition in modern societies? Following the publication of his book ‘Embedding Technopolis’, Haroon Sheikh will show how ancient traditions give societies their vitality: China’s centrally controlled economy, the competitiveness of the German industry and India’s democracy all lean on old sources. At the same time, current developments show that the relationship between modernity and tradition is always precarious. Sheikh will present a typology to understand their relationship. He sheds light on phenomena such as radical Islam, techno-optimism and populism in the west.

In reaction to Sheikh, Peter Potman (Director Asia & Oceania, Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Melanie Peters (Director Rathenau Institute) and Ad Verbrugge (University lecturer Philosophy at VU University) will share their perspectives.

4:15: Walk-in
4:30: Start Program
6:00: Drinks

Haroon Sheikh (1980) studied Public administration, Political science and Philosophy in Leiden and Oxford. He teaches philosophy at VU University in Amsterdam and he is head of research at Dasym, an independent investment firm from the Netherlands and leads FreedomLab’s ThinkTank, a future research institute. At FreedomLab, Sheikh works with a multidisciplinary team to study the impact of changing global relations and the implementation of technology in daily life. Sheikh is columnist for NRC and regularly writes for several other Dutch media. His work has been featured in Foreign Affairs and the Financial Times. He previously published The Rise of the East at Boom Publishers.

“Sheikh’s book can clarify the large social process that comes with economic growth.” – Peter Sloterdijk

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