01.02.2017 // By invitation only

On February 1st, FreedomLab is hosting a research program curated by Alan Moore on  ‘crafting beautiful business’. We believe that the role of business in our world and its overall contribution to our society should be redefined. If businesses want to sustain for the future and take a long-term view things need to change.

We will explore such questions as: can beauty as a lens help guide us to arrive at better answers? Can beauty scale? Can beauty provide durability, and opportunity? Can a beautiful business be adaptive? Can a beautiful business yield high financial returns and still be ethical? Should beauty be a commercial duty? Does beauty require us to think more holistically? What would be the language of beautiful business? Do we think differently about our environment if we see it as beautiful?

Our goal is to define what best benefits businesses that want to transform their organisations to become more future proof by reframing themselves in the context of beauty.

This is a by-invitation only event, but you can apply for participation. Because of the demand we have created a few extra places for organisations that would like to journey with us. If you would like more information, and or would like to be involved please be in touch via eva@freedomlab.org or alan.smlxl@gmail.com.

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