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Macroscope | Weekly Note

The Legacy Of Homo Sovieticus

October marked 100 years after the Russian Revolution and the
birth of the Soviet Union. Although this polity dissolved in 1991, its
legacy has remained. From language to everyday practices and
mentalities, traits of ‘Homo Sovieticus’ have survived throughout
the Eurasian landmass and shape regional politics.

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Macroscope | Weekly Note

Economic Complexity

The dominant paradigm of ‘mainstream economics’ relies heavily on mathematical and statistical models using empirical data, on which most economic policy making is based. However, like the unpredicted financial crisis shows, economic modelling and forecasting is notoriously difficult. The idea of economic complexity can help to unveil some of their flaws and limitations.

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Macroscope | Weekly Note

The Mediapolis: A New Narrative For Cities

The term “smart city” no longer covers the profound impact of digital technology in cities. To comprehend this phenomenon, we need a new concept. Through the lens of “Mediapolis”, we can understand the millennia-old process of media technologies shaping the evolution of cities.

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