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Recent Research & Publications

Big Data

Volume, Variety, Velocity and Value?

What is Big Data is the cornerstone question of this research. While a lot of focus is on Volume, demanding new appraoches to ICT infrastrictures, the Variety is more challenging. How to combine the structured dataset of organizations with the unstructured data of consumers apps like Twitter of Facebook for example.

But to extract true value we need to gofurther than the typical 24h batches and runs, we need Velocity of data. Only than can data be truly supportive to consumers making decisions in everyday life. How can we add meaning to such big data sets, so many correlations? A more creative approach is needed, such as probing for example.

Mass Media

Mass media must learn to benefit from its engagement

Is there a future for mass media, now that an ever-increasing part of our lives plays out via smart phones and given the huge growth in the quantity of media?
FreedomLab goes even further and adds that they see great opportunities for mass media, provided they make effective use of their biggest weapon: their connection with the public. ‘Mass media will change, and drastically. This is not an update; this will be a full-scale upgrade’

Responsible Technologies

Do we really want responsible technologies?

If someone drives with their car into a canal because their TomTom device said ‘turn left here’, is that TomTom’s responsibility? We build cars with collision control, develop intelligent energy meters, search for terrorists via cameras with facial recognition and stay in touch with the whole world day and night. Technology is becoming increasingly important within our society. But what does that mean for our sense of responsibility?

Open innovation

A sustainable delta that allows for open innovation

We need to change for live to stay the same. But what changes do we really need? Several of our fellows share their thoughts of the most fundamental shitfs in society ánd economy. We are in need for different skills, imagineering, we-think, new kinds of leadership and cooperation.


Update or Upgrade?

For decades the consumption of power has been surging while prices per unit are dropping. This is causing a exponential growth in demand of energy. Meanwhile consumers have become producers of power. Also an exponential shift in this industry. Current networks can’t cope with the further growth of both demand ánd supply. We don’t need just more cable, nor more patches and updates, we are in need of a full upgrade.