“Anticipate Your Future By

Redefining Your Present”


We enable organizations and people to have a positive impact on their surroundings, in a time of change (or change of times?). We do so by being a partner to organizations in their innovation process and by being a home for catalysts of change. We do so because the world is in need of alternative ways of organizing large groups and systems, not only to deal with the many changes in our environment but also to actively shape our personal lives, organizations, habitats together.

We facilitate organizations to anticipate their future.


In order to achieve positive impact in a constantly changing environment, organizations need to be able to take control over their own destiny, which is not easy. We facilitate organizations to anticipate the future by helping them to creatively redefine their present, and to become more adaptive. We do so, based on our insights into the ways humans and technology interact.

For too long organizations have been connecting people to systems, instead of designing systems around people.

Human Technologies

Adopting both human and technological lenses is key in our approach to understanding how to redefine, how to become more adaptive and how to scale impact through processes, organizations and systems. For too long organizations have been connecting people to systems, instead of designing systems around people. FreedomLab is constantly engaged with the dilemma of using technology without losing the human essence.

The ultimate result of our process together is the realization of a dynamic equilibrium

Redefining your organization, yourself, together

We believe that organizations can not outsource the process of redefinition. They have to do it themselves, based on their own intrinsic motivation. We can empower them through challenging them, by sharing insights, methods, networks and by enabling them to develop their own transformational capacities. The ultimate result of our process together is the realization of a dynamic equilibrium in which the organization develops and maintains the capacity to constantly redefine itself in the light of change.

We empower organizations through tailor built redefinition programs.

We empower organizations through tailor built redefinition programs. Programs are carefully designed innovation processes in which stakeholders from organizations work together with experienced facilitators, renowned experts and creatives. Within these programs facilitators and experts challenge organizations, based on proven and validated methods and our insights from research regarding technology-based themes. Together we try to build scenarios on how people’s relation to the specific organization will change fundamentally through to the introduction of new technologies. Programs can consist of a combination of the following services: formatted sessions, consultancy, coaching, studies, corporate memberships. If you are interested in one of these services, please don’t hesitate to contact Joyce van Lierop; joyce@freedomlab.org.

We provide programs on four levels:

  1. Strategy
  2. Positioning
  3. Engagement
  4. Organizational change


Redefining your own position. In world where boundaries blur, it is important to define your own borders. We help organizations to understand their present, who they are and what the can be, in the light of technological change.


Redefining your proposition. Based on new positions organizations have to redefine and improve their services and products. We help organizations to creatively anticipate their own future by helping them to translate strategies into new propositions.


Redefining the way you engage your clients. New propositions will only truly have impact if they resonate with your clients. We help organizations to translate new propositions into creative concepts that engage their clients.


We believe that organizations cannot ‘outsource’ redefinition. We empower people in organizations to redefine themselves and their own surrounding by developing competencies and coaching so that they can start to reorganize themselves.