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“Anticipate your future by redefining your present”

We are an institute for redefinition. How do we define an institute for redefinition? We don’t know. FreedomLab is a cross-over innovation hub, a living lab, a future studies think tank, a strategy consultancy, an academy or better: a constant redefinition of these formats. We facilitate organizations to anticipate their future by helping them to creatively redefine their present. We operate on the crossroads of creativity, technology and organisational design.

Our Approach

“Understand technological developments and their impact on society”

We started in 2000 as a Future Studies think tank, conducting research into emerging technologies, and the possibilities to creatively apply these technologies. Since then we have interviewed over 400 international experts and thought leaders about their vision on future developments in areas such as politics, design, technology and organizational change. With input from these interviews we created a research framework that guides our research, and our practice. The framework is not only used to understand technological developments, but also their impact on society, and the way organizations can redefine themselves in the light of this impact.

Our Research

“We empower our clients through tailor-made redefinition programs”

We empower our clients through tailor-made redefinition programs. Our programs are carefully designed innovation processes in which stakeholders from organizations work together with experienced facilitators and renowned experts. These facilitators and experts challenge the organization, based on proven and validated methods and our insights from research regarding technology-based themes.

Our Services

“The Campus supports us to think big” (Wevolver)

In 2014, FreedomLab found the Campus to create a physical environment for crossover innovation. The Campus facilitates interaction between thinking and making, conceptualising and experiencing and speculating and testing. The Campus serves as a trans-disciplinary meeting point for a wide range of experts and professionals, from philosophers and entrepreneurs to engineers and designers. Some of the domains people working on: visual thinking and entrepreneurship, embodied making and IT, food integrity and blockchain, artificial intelligence and governance, innovation history and changing consumer behaviour, circular economy, smart cities and social innovation.

Our Campus

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March 5, 2018

February 2018: Risk Radar Europe

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EconomyHegemonic ShiftNewsPoliticsPublicationsResearchSociety and Culture
March 2, 2018

De onrustige Amerikaanse wateren

Amerika toont ons twee gezichten: enerzijds zien we een sterke economie met almachtige technologiebedrijven, maar het is ook een land in crisis. Die paradox kunnen we verklaren als we de…
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March 2, 2018

De Noordzee van Oost-Azië

De Oost-Chinese Zee is het havengebied van het industriële hart van Azië. Lang was het Japan dat hier domineerde maar de laatste decennia hebben Zuid-Korea en vooral China deze rol…
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March 2, 2018

Druk kruispunt van maritieme culturen

Zuidoost-Azië is altijd een druk kruispunt geweest van beschavingen en maritieme handelsroutes. China is hier zeer actief, maar ook India, Japan en Amerika zoeken toegang tot de bruisende regio, waar…

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Usability is urgent: technology in the human rights space (THU March 1st, 5-6 PM)

Future Affairs #2 | When Fake becomes the New Normal (THU 29.03 | 4 – 6 PM)

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Arief Hühn

Researcher & Strategist FreedomLab

Prof. Roland van der Vorst

Managing Director FreedomLab

Haroon Sheikh

Hegemonic Expert, Researcher, ThinkTank

Eva Wubbe

Community & Business development

Mike Overdijk

Jam Visual Thinking

Erwin Blom

Fast Moving Targets

Bram Geenen


Maarten den Braber

Next Health

icon-fl-76x47 Recent Research & Publications

Big Data: Volume, Variety, Velocity and Value?

What is Big Data is the cornerstone question of this research.

What is Big Data is the cornerstone question of this research. While a lot of focus is on Volume, demanding new approaches to ICT infrastructures, the Variety is more challenging. How to combine the structured dataset of organizations with the unstructured data of consumers apps like Twitter or Facebook for example.

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