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“Anticipate your future by redefining your present”

FreedomLab is a strategy consultancy, cross-over innovation hub, and future studies think tank. Or perhaps: a constant redefinition of these formats. We facilitate organizations to anticipate their future by helping them to creatively redefine their present. We operate on the crossroads of creativity, technology and organisational design.

“Creating brand and innovation strategy through tailor-made co-creation programs”

FreedomLab Consultancy helps organisations redefine themselves in the light of changing consumer behavior. Based on continuous research into how new technologies influence the way in which consumers spend their time, money and energy, we co-create the organization’s new vision, purpose, strategy, products & services.

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“Decode the future in order to unlock society’s potential”

FreedomLab Think tank is a group of young thinkers with diverse backgrounds: philosophy, economics, man-machine interaction, social science and innovation studies. This combination of perspectives allows us to shed new light on both current and future affairs. Our mission is to unlock society’s potential by decoding the future.

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“The Campus supports us to think big” (Wevolver)

In 2014, FreedomLab founded the Campus to create a physical environment for crossover innovation. The Campus facilitates interaction between thinking and making, conceptualising and experiencing and speculating and testing. The Campus serves as a trans-disciplinary meeting point for a wide range of experts and professionals, from philosophers and entrepreneurs to engineers and designers. Some of the domains people working on: artificial intelligence and governance, circular economy, smart cities, food integrity and blockchain, and social innovation.

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DON 04.04.19 | 4-6 uur

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Arief Hühn

Researcher & Strategist FreedomLab

Prof. Roland van der Vorst

Managing Director FreedomLab

Haroon Sheikh

Hegemonic Expert, Researcher, ThinkTank

Eva Wubbe

Community & Business development

Fadoa Schurer

Erwin Blom

Fast Moving Targets

Bram Geenen


Julia Janssen

Design Researcher

icon-fl-76x47 Recent Research & Publications

Infocalypse Now: When Fake becomes the New Normal

Fake News: what is it and what should be done?

While the world is still coming to terms with the existence of fake news, Aviv Ovadya – chief technologist Center for Social Media Responsibility – warns that this is just the beginning of the age of misinformation, which he coins as ‘Infocalypse’. What will happen when anyone can make anything look real? We asked journalist Wouter van Noort (NRC, 1Vandaag), philosopher Jessica van der Schalk (FreedomLab Thinktank) and branding expert prof. Roland van der Vorst (TU Delft, FreedomLab).

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